When you open a video, your computer or device will use its default video player to play the video. If you would like to play the videos in slow motion, the two video players that offer this ability are Windows Media Player 12 (by right-clicking in the player and adjusting Enhancements > Play Speed Settings) and Quicktime Player (by pausing the video and using your arrow keys). If you are using an Apple device, one student recommended the OPLayer HD app for playing the video files in slow motion. 

If you would like to use a different video player than your default, you can install the new video player, right-click on a video, choose "Open With," then click "Choose another program." Then, select the video player that you would like to use for this course and check the box for "Always use this program to open .mp4 files."

If you are taking the webpage course, your browser uses whatever video program it likes. So, this option is only available by accessing the videos directly from the folder - not within your HTML webpage course.