Thank you for your interest in our courses!

We offer three different course options for students - our Online Course, our Offline Course, and our free online lessons.

More information about the Start ASL Online Course can be found on this page: Our Online Course is our most popular course and is the most advanced and fun online ASL learning available. With this option, you can complete your course with automatic grading, access our mobile-friendly classroom from anywhere, become a member of our active student community, gain access to our exclusive group forums, submit your assignments for instructor feedback and support, earn completion certificates, and more! Many students have even used our Online Course for foreign language credit (be sure to check with your school if this is something in which you are interested). 

More information about the Start ASL Offline Course can be found on this page: This is a great option if you do not have a reliable internet connection or prefer to learn without one. The Offline Course is a download of our curriculum that you can use on your device while not connected to the internet. This option does not come with all of the features of the Online Course - for example, there is no completion certificate, newsletter, instructor interaction, student interaction, automatic grading, etc. The Offline Course is a collection of downloadable files to use on your own while the Online Course is an interactive course and community. However, the curriculum the the same between the two options.

Our free online lessons are a great option if you don't need any of our advanced features and don't need to track your grade. You can sign up for our free lessons from this page:

You can also check out our "Which Course is Right for Me?" page here: It can help you see the main features of each of our course options and what may work best for you.