If you’d like some extra translation practice, we have Bonus Practice Sentences at the end of each unit of the Online Course. They include English sentences and one possible ASL gloss (translation) for each sentence. You can refresh your memory about glossing in the Introduction unit of the course. The Bonus Practice Sentences are meant to provide extra practice to help you think critically about how to apply what you've learned to potential translation situations as well as how to successfully research if you haven't yet learned something specific. This will help you in the real world once you've completed our courses where you will want to have your mind trained to figure out translations without seeing a visual example. You will also often encounter words you don't know in these situations. This extra practice can be difficult, which is why you're not tested on it, but it will especially help students who wish to one day have a career in ASL interpreting.

Why don't you have videos for the Bonus Practice Sentences?

The Bonus Practice Sentences are great if you plan to become an interpreter, but are not required for the course - just if you'd like some extra practice with advanced translation.

If you are discovering that you have not learned signs that you see in the practice sentences, that is exactly the point. The practice sentences get you used to doing this kind of research instead of just seeing one example of how to sign something (which is only what you would see if we provided video clips for these sentences).

Providing videos for these sentences would defeat their purpose as they are bonus sentences that we provide for students who want more advanced extra practice.