Legacy Free Lessons:

We have just released our brand NEW Free ASL 1 Course! 

This new course will be replacing our legacy free lessons and includes:

  • All New Super High Quality videos with slow motion and multiple angles
  • Our Advanced Online Classroom with Interactive Activities, Grading, and Progress Tracking (which means - no more workbooks or answer checkers!)
  • Over 80 lesson and quiz videos
  • Vocabulary videos of over 800 words and phrases
  • Mobile-friendly and learn at your own pace

You can sign up for our new Free ASL 1 Course here: https://www.startasl.com/subscribe

But if you would like to continue with our legacy free lessons, you will be able to access them until the end of 2023 here: ASL 1, ASL 2, ASL 3. Just use password: legacyfree

Please note that you will need to still have your workbooks - they are no longer available for download. 

Workbook Answer Checker:

You can find our legacy free lessons workbook answer checker here: 

=>  https://courses.startasl.com/course/view.php?id=5

How to check your answers:

1. Make sure to login using one of these shared login details. Please do not try to create your own account. 

Username: workbooks1

Password: Workbooks1!

Username: workbooks2

Password: Workbooks2!

Username: workbooks3

Password: Workbooks3!

2. Enter the "Workbooks for Free Lessons" course.

3. Click on the quiz for which you'd like to check your answers.

4. Click "Attempt quiz now" or "Re-attempt quiz" (which can be found at the bottom of the page),

5. Enter your answers and click "Check" to check your answers.

6. Finally, make sure to click "Next" > "Submit all and finish" when you're done so other students can take the quiz.


If you still need help, please open a new support ticket.