Hundreds of schools have partnered with Start ASL to offer foreign language credit to their students for taking our ASL 1, 2, 3, and 4 course levels. However, it is up to your individual school's discretion whether or not they will accept our courses for credit. Our courses are aligned with the California World Language Standards and the ACTFL, but they are not officially accredited. We offer printable Completion Certificates for each level of our Online Course ( Our Gold level option includes verified completion certificates and grade reports if required by your school or employer (more information here).

Attached you will find the syllabuses for each course level.

Each level of the Start ASL Curriculum is roughly equivalent to 3 credit hours, one year of a foreign language in high school, and/or one semester of a foreign language in college. For example, if the student completes ASL 1 and 2 of our curriculum, they will have completed 6 credit hours, 2 years of foreign language credit for high school, and/or 2 semesters of foreign language credit for college.

How long it takes to complete the courses depends on the student. The courses are completely self-paced. On average, if a student is very driven, they can complete one course level in one to three months. Most students taking the courses for credit are able to complete one course level in nine months.

At the completion of the course levels, students can be expected to be between conversant and proficient in the language, depending on how much the student is practicing in actual conversation. True language fluency can take up to 3 years or more with regular use.

Start ASL Course Syllabuses:

Download ASL 1 Syllabus

Download ASL 2 Syllabus

Download ASL 3 Syllabus

Download ASL 4 Syllabus